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I am embarking on my fourth year of entrepreneurship and this sweet business, Beauty Grows Wild! That is so hard to wrap my mind around!

As I grow, I feel it is important to look back on how I got here. It is so easy to get caught up in looking down the road ahead, setting new goals and forgetting to look back to see how much growth has happened already.

What all started with a cross-fenced section of a cattle field where I grew my first Summer of flowers, has become my career. Since that first season, I have grown thousands of flowers, failed at many many things and succeeded in some areas beyond my wildest dreams as well. I have had to move my flower growing space every. single. year. since beginning this journey. If you have ever moved your entire garden, or had to start from scratch after building something, you know that this is extremely challenging. This year, I will be growing in a location that is hopefully permanent, and to say I am excited is an extreme understatement.

This photo was taken my first season, in that cattle field!

When you begin a journey that is going to be challenging, whether it is taking the leap to start a new business, a new health and fitness or financial goal you want to meet, knowing your why is SO important. I have done some really hard things in my adult life, and I can say, without a doubt, I wouldn't have done them if my why wasn't ever present on my mind. The reason I started this business was to live a life of freedom, beauty, connection and joy, on my own terms. I knew it would be hard, but truthfully, I had never started and ran a business so I didn't know what that meant. Once I got into the thick of it, I was pushed to my limits.

If you want to do something hard, something out of your comfort zone, you have to have a really solid reason why. See it through and DON'T give up!

On the other side of hard, challenging things in your life is growth from leaning in.

As I setup yet again, a new growing space, I will be digging into my why so that I remember what all this hard work is for.

I am cheering you on!



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