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Wedding FAQ's

Are you looking for wedding florals that won't break the bank or give you hives from decision making fatigue?

You have come to the right place!

We offer bulk buckets for you DIY-ers as well as A La Carte floral packages for those who don't want to think about design work and just want to pick up their arrangements! 

Below are the answers to our most asked questions.


If you still have questions, feel free to send us an email here.


Question: Do we need to schedule a phone consultation to get a proposal from BGW for our wedding florals?

Answer: Nope! We know how precious your time is and we want to be respectful of that. Our years in wedding design have helped us to create a very streamlined, efficient process. Fill out the inquiry form and all communication will be done via email. Easy peasy!

Question: Will you be able to provide specific flowers for my wedding date?

Answer: We grow our own flowers and are not ordering flowers in from a large wholesaler, we do not promise to have a specific variety on your wedding day. We love creating with our locally grown flowers and assure you that you will love it as well. 

Question: The website lists three color palette options. Can you tell me more about those?

Answer: Three color palette options streamlines the ordering process, and allows us the creative freedom to do our thing. It also allows us to use the most incredible flowers blooming the week of your wedding, rather than something specific that was predetermined months before.

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