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Buckets of Beautiful Flowers!

Are you considering buying bulk flowers for your wedding or another upcoming event? If you ask around, you are more than likely to have your friends or family suggest a grocery store such as Trader Joe's or Costco. Those options are top of mind; we see them each time we buy our groceries. It is also very possible that you don't know purchasing local buckets of blooms from a local farm is even an option!

There are local flower farms in your area that would love to curate buckets of gorgeous fresh, locally grown flowers for you!

If grocery store flowers are convenient and reasonably priced, why buy local instead? There are a ton of reasons, but let's discuss a couple:

  • Locally grown flowers are the freshest flowers you can possibly get your hands on. If you order flowers from me, I personally harvest each stem, condition and prep it for you 1-2 days before your pick up date. If you purchase flowers from a grocery store, they are minimally a week old already, probably older.

  • The quality of local specialty cut flowers cannot be matched by imported flowers. Each stem is cut by a grower who personally knows about you, your event, and will be handing you the blooms themselves. They want you to have the best flowers possible. For example, if you were to purchase a bunch of ranunculus in the spring from a local farm and a bunch from Trader Joe's, not knowing which was which, you would choose the local, fresh cut flowers 100% of the time. The stems from the local farm would be sturdy and the petals on the flowers would not be damaged. The Trader Joe's ranunculus would need to be wired to be useful to you (every stem!) because their stems would be bendy and floppy, the delicate ranunculus petals would be smashed and damaged from processing, packaging and shipping.

  • Local, organically grown flowers are better for people and the environment. When you purchase flowers that have been imported, they are old, pumped full of chemicals and dehydrated. The environmental impact is awful. I don't know about you, but my flowers often have a 5 year old's nose stuffed in them, and I would prefer that experience to be a safe one.

Purchasing bulk buckets of flowers from Beauty Grows Wild is easy! Visit our bulk buckets page on our website and submit the request form.

Photo: Rebekah Jule Photography

5 fun ideas for bulk buckets of fresh flowers!

  1. DIY wedding floral arrangements: bouquets, centerpieces, aisle markers, you name it!

  2. Host a build your own bouquet bar. These are great for bridal or baby showers and for local business events.

  3. Create your own floral arrangements or gift a bucket to someone who loves to make arrangements of their own.

  4. Fill bud vases for your next dinner party or get together (I love doing this at my house!)

  5. Create bouquets to give to friends, family, your child’s teacher or for a women’s group at church. Giving flowers brings so much joy to both the recipient and to the giver as well.

Ordering bulk buckets for your wedding? I have created a free guide to help you calculate how many stems you will need. This will help you order the correct number of buckets!

I love sharing fresh, local flowers with southern Oregon. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them!

Thanks for continuing to support local!

All the best,


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