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Top 3 Tips for Affordable (and Gorgeous) Wedding Flowers.

Do you want beautiful, local flowers for your wedding, but don't want to spend $5,000+ on them?

When I planned my wedding, my mom and I did everything together. We are really creative and love to DIY just about anything. We planned table decor and coordinated rentals, food and drinks, all the details together. It was a pretty wild time in my life and I look back on the process of planning it all with my mama fondly.

I know what it feels like to want a beautiful wedding, but not want to take out a second mortgage to create it. Ultimately, the day is meaningful and sweet, an incredible milestone in your lives together, but it is only one day. After all that planning, it comes and goes in a blink.

After years in the wedding industry, doing everything from curating DIY buckets of flowers for couples to create their own arrangements to elaborate living walls and installments, these are my top three tips for affordable and gorgeous wedding flowers.

  1. Think about which arrangements will be in your photos. The photos you will enlarge and print for your living room will not be of your guests eating dinner at their tables. They will be of the two of you! Prioritize your bridal bouquet. It will be in almost every single one of those photos you want to cherish.

  2. Use your budget to make an impact with florals. Instead of 40 centerpieces, add a beautiful arch arrangement. This will be gorgeous in photos and create a visual impact at the venue.

  3. Buy local. I grow flowers for a living, so you had to see that one coming, but here is the reason. Whether you choose Beauty Grows Wild, or another local grower, local flowers are the freshest option. They have not been soaked in toxic pesticides and flown across the globe. The quality can't be beat. We are hand selecting every stem for your wedding. The local varieties are incredibly beautiful and unique in comparison to what you will find from a big box store or wholesaler. Bonus tip: Choose your vendors wisely. I am all for DIY in many cases, but you also can't do every single thing yourself for your wedding. If you try, the week of your wedding will be a nightmare instead of a dreamy adventure and you will regret it, I assure you. Not to mention, you can't be good at everything! I chose to DIY lots of my wedding, but I certainly wasn't busting out a wedding cake or DJ-ing my own wedding night. Choose things you know you want to have the pro's do and ask for recommendations! If you ask one of your vendors about other vendors, chances are, we have great recommendations of who does amazing work and has incredible work ethic. We can also steer you clear of those vendors that you shouldn't choose!

If your goal is to plan a wedding that is affordable and incredibly beautiful, you have come to the right place! Feel free to visit our wedding page for more about what we offer, or contact us to ask questions. We are here to help you make your event memorable and gorgeous, without talking you into something that isn't you.

Hope this gives you some insight from a girls who loves flowers.

All the best!


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